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UNESCO World Heritage
Nessebar city wall gateway

Nessebar old metropolia sidewalkWhen you go to Bulgaria, the mediaeval city of Nesebar (also known as Nessebar oder Nessebur) is a jewel and a must. It was founded as Messambria in the 6th century B.C. by Greek colonists and has been on the World Heritage List of the UNESCO since 1983. Located on a small peninsula in the Black Sea the delightful tourist spot yearly attracts a million visitors. Nessebar Pantokrator church, 13th - 14th centuryA small street, which  connects the peninsula with the mainland, leads through the narrow gateway in the ancient fortress wall right to the quaint, tiny historic down town area with numerous well preserved buildings (mainly mediaeval churches) and narrow cobbled lanes, winding amongst wooden houses of the 18th and 19th century. Nessebar's typical houses have stone foundations and broad, overhanging wooden superstructures.
Nessebar Open Air Dining

Today the spirit of the ancient market lives on with a multitude of sidewalk vendors, hawking all sorts of art work and tourist souvenirs, such as fine crochet works, knitwear, pottery, wood-carvings, paintings... Idyllic restaurants on the steep coast or in the middle of the old town invite you to rest. The most appealing are located on the peninsula's scenic southern tip. The romantic place has cast a spell on us since we visited it for the first time in 1991 and we shall certainly return whenever we have a chance.

Nessebar fortress wall
Nessebar old metropolia
Nessebar Archange church
Nessebar St. Jean Baptiste church
fortress wall
 old metropolia
5./6. century
 Archangel church
13./14. century
St Jean Baptist 
church 10./11. c.

Nessebar - harbour
Nessebar Paraskeva church
Nessebar old fountain
Nessebar bell tower
at the harbour
Paraskeva church
13th century
at the old fountain
bell tower

Nessebar Old Town View
Nessebar Handicraft
Nessabar Handicraft (2)
Nessebar Caramics
View of the Old Tow Handicraft Handicraft detail Ceramics

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