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09.2013 Italy Cinque Terre & Portovenere National Park with 5 mediaeval villages, UNESCO World Heritage
02.2013 Spain Granada Alhambra UNESCO World Heritage
02.2013 Spain Cordoba - historic centre and Great Mosque  UNESCO World Heritage
02.2013 Spain Seville - cathedral with Giralda, historic centre UNESCO World Heritage
02.2013 Spain Ronda - sights and views
04.2012 Russia St. Petersburg Hermitage UNESCO World Heritage 
04.2012 Russia St. Petersburg St. Isaak Cathedral  UNESCO World Heritage
04.2012 Russia St. Petersburg Curch of the Savior on Blood  UNESCO World Heritage
04.2012 Russia St. Petersburgh Catherine Palace  UNESCO World Heritage
04.2012 Russia St. Petersburg Peterhof, the Russian Versailles - cascades with Samson Fountain
01.2012 Greece-Santorini Santorini - Sights, History and Culture, impressions and interestging facts
01.2011 Germany Meissen - Albrechtsburg Castle, Cathedral Meissen Porcelain - Sights, History and Culture
08.2010 Russia Saint Petarsburg Catherine Palace - Amber Room UNESCO World Heritage
08.2010 Russia Saint Petersburg - Sights and Views; historic centre UNESCO World Heritage
02.2010 U.K. London - Royal Albert Hall
01.2010 U.K. London - Buckingham Palace
10.2009 Spain Gran Canaria - Sights, Impressions and interesting facts / IFA Beach Hotel
04.2009 China Cruise on the Yangtze River
01.2009 Italy San Gimignano, the Manhattan of the Tuscany - sights and views UNESCO World Heritage
07.2008 Spain Barcelona sights and cultural features
06.2008 Spain Barcelona - works of Antoni Gaudi, sights, culture  and interesting facts
02.2008 Germany Munich - sights, attractions and cultural features
11.2007 France Paris - sights, views and cultural features
08.2007 Australia Kata Tjuta Mountains / Olgas - impressions and interesting facts
08.2007 Australia Uluru / Ayers Rock - impressions and interesting facts UNESCO World Heritage
08.2007 Australia Outback- Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park UNESCO World Heritage
04.2007 Australia Cruise to the Great Barrier Reef - impressions and interesting facts
03.2007 Australia Australian Rainforests - Wet Tropics and CERR
02.2007 Australia Aborigines - the original inhabitans of Australia
02.2007 Australia Kuranda - village in the tropical rainforest
02.2007 Australia Cairns - the gateway to the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef
01.2007 Australia Australia - Tropical North, East Coast and Outback -  Sights and Culture
12.2006 Italy Verona - sights and impressions
04.2006 China Forbidden City
03.2006 China Beijing - impressions and views
02.2006 China Itinerary
02.2006  China China - in the Middle Kindom - sights and culture
12.2005 Italy Florence / cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore
11.2005 Italy Venice / St. Marc's Square
11.2005 Italy Italy - country, sights and culture
08.2005 Egypt Kom Ombo Horus Temple
08.2005 Egypt Edfu Horus Templpe
07.2005 Egypt Temple of Hatshepsut 
05.2005   Sitemaps
03.2005 Egypt Valley of Kings
02. 2005 Egypt impressions of the countryside
02. 2005 Egypt on board of the Semiramis II
01. 2005 Egypt Karnak english
01. 2005 Egypt Luxor english
01. 2005 Egypt sights and culture along the Nile
from Cairo to Abu Simbel by ship, plane and bus
05.2004 India Udaipur Udaipur - the charming city of lakes
03.2004 Turkey Istanbul / Hagia Sophia / Blue Mosque / Justinian's Cistern
sights in Istanbul, interesting facts
01.2004 Bulgaria at the Black Sea coast / Nessebur sights and culture
11.2003 Italy Venice  / Venice Mark's Square 
city views and sights - pictures, commentsaround the Marcus Square - St. Mark's Basilica, Doge's Palace, Campanile
11.2003 Cruise Mediterranean Sea  on Board of the Costa Atlantica
07.2003 U.K. London-Westminster Abbey  /  Palace
Westminster Abbey, Westminster Palace - pictures, comments
04.2003 America Washington views of Washinton and the capitol - interior
02.2003 Germany Warmensteinach winter sport, climatic health resort
02.2003 Turkey Pamukkale Travertine terraces - UNESCO World Heritage
02.2003 Turkey Anatolia Pamukkale, Hierapolis, Troy, Pergamum...

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