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Our journey through Tunisia was full of discoveries and exotic. The magic and charm of the Arabian world cast a spell on us from the very first day. There is an incredible variety and things to see:
- Pulsating life and oriental flair in cities like Sousse and Kairouan,
- The charming, colourful town Sidi Bou Said, with flowers draped from almost every wall and doorway,
- Millenniums old history in Carthage and El Djem,
- Cave dwellers in Matmata,
- Lush, subtropical vegetation in the oasises, like at Tozeur and Douz, which is also known as "Gate to the Sahara",
- Beduins and camels in the desert,
- Dead land - the salt lake Chott el Djerid and
- At the Mediterranean coast broad sandy beaches ...
Sousse Medina
Sousse Medina
Tozeur oasis
Oasis at Tozeur
Rest with Bedouins in the Tunesian desert at Douz
Rest with Bedouins 
at the desert city Douz,
also known as "Gate to the Sahara"
Tunisia - Carthage UNESCO World Heritage
UNESCO World Heritage

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Tunisia
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