Germany - traditional art
~ making bobbin lace ~

This traditional art is very typical for the southern region of Saxony, the "Erzgebirge". It spread over Germany in the 16th century. In the 19th century was founded a "Royal Saxon bobbim lace school" in Schneeberg to educate teachers and designers. There one also developed a special lace which become famous under the name "Lace of Schneeberg" 

Making bobbin lace is a very large-scale technik which demands some skill and experience. Unfortunately most of people would not pay an adequate price and prefer machine-made products. Thus this traditional art mainly survives as a family tradition and hobby. Read more about this amazing technik and the historical background....

making bobbin lace
making lace
The continuos swap of the wooden bobbins makes special noises, which create a homy atmosphere
bobbin pillow
bobbin pillow
cultivating traditional art
A dream of lace -
aren't these enchanting elaborate works?
the middle picture shows a table in our home
making bobbin lace 1 making bobbin lace 2 making-bobbin lace 3

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