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Pisa Baptisterium


Pisa baptistery, interior The Baptistery is dedicated to John the Baptist. It was begun in 1152 in the Romanesque style and is modeled on the Anastasis Rotunda of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The construction period extended over 200 years, so that the Baptistery from the 2nd level continued in magnificent Gothic style with arcades and busts of apostles and prophets. The third level with the dome was completed in the 14th century. With a height of 54 meters and a circumference of 107 meters, it is the largest baptismal church in Christian history. Inside in the center there is an 8th-century baptismal font from the 13th century. The beautiful marble pulpit also dates back to that time.
But why are there baptisteries? They were built because in early Christian times human, who were not christened, were not allowed to enter the church.

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