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Istanbul Justinian's Cistern
This grandiose cistern, was built by emperor Justinian around 542. It is also called  Basilica Cistern, because there was a Basilica above it, as well as the "Sunken Palace", which aptly reflects the magical atmosphere of this subterranean building. The reservoir had a capacity of 80.000 cubic metres / (2,800,000 cu ft)  of water and provided the quarter around the Hagia Sophia as well as the emperor's palace and later the Topkapi palace. On an area of 453 x 213 ft. (138 x 65 m) or 2,2 acres (8970 m²) a dim wood of 336 marble columns, which support the up to 8 m high vault, is reflected in the water.

Walkways and atmospheric lighting make the Cistern a great tourist attraction, which takes you back into ancient times.

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