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On our tour we crossed the country from East to West and from North to South by bus, plane and by car, only both of us; and I must say - this tour was one of the most exiting experiences we ever had. The USA is a country of exceptional natural beauty and fascinating cities. Also the people were very friendly an happy to assist us. We've got such pleasant and great impressions, that I'm very sure - we will return one day!
New York - view from the Empire State Building We began our tour with New York. This fascinating, powerful and gigantic world metropolis with its pulsating life captivated us soon and got us in the proper mood for our American tour. Most memorable experiences were a visit of the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center in Manhattan Downtown.

After a few exciting days we took the Greyhound bus and left forWashington, the elegant, spacious capital of the United States, with magnificent buildings and well tended parks.Niagara Falls - raging forces viewed from the boat

Another highlight were the Niagara Falls - what a breathtaking experience, to ride along the bottom of the Falls and to watch them by night under coloured floodlight!

From there we went to Kansas City, where our email friends Phil and Kay welcomed us. We were having a great time in their home and learned a lot about American lifestyle.

Next destination was Los Angeles. Already the landing approach by night was an unforgettable experience - an endless sea of lights for more than half an hour. Highlights of a sightseeing tour were Beverly Hills, Hollywood and Mann's Chinese Theatre, Santa Monica, Venice Beach and not least the unimaginable traffic system...Bryce Canyon

Las Vegas Excalibur The Greyhound brought us to Las Vegas then, where we rented a car for a round-trip though the Canyons in Arizona and Utah - what indescribable and unforgettable experiences! At first this world of imagination, this fascinating glamorous fairyland Las Vegas and then the breathtaking beauty of the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon Zion NP, Lake Powell.... The absolute highlight of the entire tour!

The crowning conclusion of our tour however was the visit with our friend Carroll. He took us to his ranch in Texas, where we spent some unforgettable beautiful days in the circle of his family. We got the chance of a lifetime to experience life on a Texan ranch and as a highlight our friends even took us to a real rodeo. What a thrill!

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