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Los Angeles - this is not simply a gigantic metropolis, but a monstrous union of 168 cities, where live more than 13 million people. An area, with the size of the German Federal  country Schleswig-Holstein, including for example Hollywood and Beverly Hills but as well the fine sandy Californian beaches with attractive seaside ressorts like Santa Monica or Venice Beach, the so-called "muscle beach" - a place for intensive fitness training. We were most impressed with the dimension of the city and the terrific traffic system. There are more than 1600 miles city highway. Once we passed a place, where 5 highways cross and the guide said, we just would ride in the 6th storey!  All in all very interesting and exciting sites, but not places to live... 
Hollywood  / Mann's Chinese Theater (Gauman's ~)
Hollywood - impressions
Hollywood - Charlie Chaplin Hollywood - crazy advertising
star at the Walk of FameA special highlight was  the experience of  old Hollywood with its loud colors and the crazy, outsized advertising.  While visiting all the famous places we also walked along the "Walk of Fame".  The famous sidewalk fixes with more than 2000 stars from brass the names of the Great in the show business and is leading right to the Mann's Chinese Theater, Hollywood's most famous and exotic cinema, where all the famous Hollywood stars left their Hand- and footprints as well as autographs - just see below. You can walk around and compare the size of your hands and feet...
Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater
Mann's Chinese  Theater Arnold Schwarzenegger Richard Gere

Beverly Hills - crazy house
Beverly Hills
At Beverly Hills we tried to have a look at life in this paradise of the rich, where is allowed, whatever is pleasing. We found dreamlike properties with exotic and sometimes weird looking houses, hidden behind walls and hedges and marvelled at the wealth of ideas and variety of creations.
Beverly Hills - the oldest house
the weirdest house the oldest house

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