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Our vacation in Crete were fantastic and beyond our expectation. The charming Greek island cast a spell on us and we decided, to visit this lovely place again. 

Crete sceneryThe rides by car through the up to 3000 m high mountains over narrow serpentines and through old villages gave us wonderful impressions and exciting experiences. In the mountains graze many flocks of sheep and goats and you must always be prepared, that they cross the road or  even the only highway on Crete, which has just one lane in each direction. 
Crete handicraft
Some of the villages are known for their beautiful traditional handicraft. The women knot lovely handbags and elaborately weave and embroider charming pattern for tableclothes, doyles, scarfs etc. which they hang out at the facade of their houses, to show them the visitors. In this way those villages are rich decorated with these beautiful works. In the evening people are sitting before their houses, making handicraft, talking, playing cards... - an idyllic scene!

Knossos palace of king MinosThe Cretan ancient history and  culture with its myths and legends, like this of the Minotaurus, who was kept in the labyrinth of the Minoan palace at Knossos, each year attract thousands of visitors from all over the world. One of the greatest attractions on Crete is the excavation place at Knossos, with the almost 4000 years old palace of  king Minos. Some of the buildings are scrupulously and faithfully restored and the place as a whole conveys an overwhelming impression of the ancient Minoan culture. It is ever again fascinating to face the amazing feats, which were created thousands of years ago! 

By the way of contrast the Ideon Cave, where Zeus should have been born, was not as spectacular as expected - not spreading mythological spirits, just a big opening downward in the mountain. 

Chania Venetian districtIn the old cities like Chania and Rethymno Venetian and Turkish architectural styles bear witness of the turbulent history of the Isle and give the cities a fascinating and charming flair.

Also the beach was great - clear blue water with temperatures around 30°C and beautiful waves! we enjoyed swimming there and could not get enough of this pleasure. In the evening we relished the good Cretan cooking and wine. It truly is a pity, that time always passes too fast!

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