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Rethymno Chania Knossos Monastery Arkadi handicraft

Knossos palace king Minos - holy cult hornsOne of the greatest attractions on Crete is the excavation place at Knossos, with the over 3500 years old palace of  king Minos. After the Greek mythology king Minos was a son of Zeus and the father of Ariadne and Phaedra. His wife gave birth to a bull headed human being, the Minotaurus, who was kept in the labyrinth of the palace. Theseus killed him with the help of Ariadne.

Some of the buildings are scrupulously and faithfully restored and the archaeological site as a whole conveys an overwhelming impression of the ancient Minoan culture around 1500 BC. It is ever again fascinating to face the great feats, which were created thousands of years ago! 

Knossos palace king Minos - holy place of the double axes
Knossos palace king Minos - magazine with starage jars
  holy place of the 
  double axes
South Propylaeum
magazine with
storage jars (pithois) 
Knossos - palace of king Minos, column and fresco
Knossos palace king Minos - view from the bottom
Knossos palace king Minos - north bastion
  column and fresco
three story residence
North Propylaeum 
Knossos palace king Minos - throne hall with throne
Knossos palace king Minos - fresco procession
Knossos palace king Minos - fresco lily prince
Knossos palace king Minos - megaron queen, dolphin frieze
  hall with throne of
  King Minos
fresco procession
fresco lily prince
 Queen's Megaron 
with dolphin frieze 

Rethymno Chania Knossos Monastery Arkadi countryside handicraft
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