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Dubrovnik - old harbour
Dubrovnik - old harbour

Franziskan Monastery Court
Monastery Court
Dubrovnik is a jewel at the Adriatic coast, a seaport and health resort, you must have seen, when in Dalmatia.

The charming, old town is still completely walled and bears witness of a remarkable history. As a merchant republic, which had its heydays in the 15th century, Dubrovnik traded with Turkey and India, had trade representatives in Africa and even had diplomatic relations with the English court in the middle ages. In this way the city was a serious rival against the powerful and rich Venice, which finally gained sovereignty over Dubrovnik from 1206-1358. Thus the old town presents unmistakable features of Venetian architecture.

oldest pharmacy of Europe inthe Franziscan Monastery Court
oldest pharmacy of Europe in
the Franziscan  Monastery Court
The fortifications of the city with the mighty ramparts of 2 km length, 25 m height and 16 watchtowers surround a treasury of architectural and cultural masterpieces scrupulously preserved over the centuries - such like a Franciscan monastery Dubrovnik - view of the walled city and harbourfrom the 14th century with one of Europe's oldest pharmacies inside or the St. Blasius Cathedral, the Gothic Rector's Palace and the Dominican monastery which were built in the 15th century. It is a pleasure to stroll through the narrow old streets or to stop off in one of the many restaurants and cafés which invite to rest and to enjoy the flair of the city and the hearty, tasty Croatian cooking. If you walk on top of the ramparts around the city and climb the towers of the fortresses you'll enjoy panoramic views of the old city with its walls and ancient roof tops, the harbour and the picturesque surroundings. The ancient town Dubrovnik with many historical monuments of the 14th and 15th century is on the UNESCO's list of the World Cultural Heritage.

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