Alhambra at Granada
Palaces and Gardens

The former Sultan's Residence in Andalusia
It is hard to believe, but from 711 until 1492 the city of Granada was part of the emirate Al-Andalus in the south of Spain. During these almost 800 years twenty three different sultans resided at the Alhambra and made it one of the finest examples of a royal Arab residence in the Middle Ages. The fortress and palace complex as well as the summer residence Generalife are situated on Sabikah-hill and offers picturesque views of the country side.
UNESCO World Heritage
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  • palace complex on the Sabikah-hill
  • Curch Santa Maria de la Alhambra
  • Portico and pool of the early 14th-century Partal
  • Partal Garden
  • Alhambra daraxa gardens
  • Alhambra court of myrtles
  • Alhambra lions court 2
  • Alhambra elaborate works in stucco
  • Alhambra lions court
  • Alhambra-two sisters a
  • Alhambra two sisters b
  • Alhambra stalactide cupola
  • Alhambra two sisters cupola detail
  • Alhambra ceiling
  • Alhambra ornamental art work
  • view from the Alhambra
  • jquery carousel
  • view of the Albaicin
palace complex on the Sabikah-hill1 Curch Santa Maria de la Alhambra2 Portico and pool of the early 14th-century Partal3 Partal Garden4 Alhambra daraxa gardens5 Alhambra court of myrtles6 Alhambra lions court 27 Alhambra elaborate works in stucco8 Alhambra lions court9 Alhambra-two sisters a10 Alhambra two sisters b11 Alhambra stalactide cupola12 Alhambra two sisters cupola detail13 Alhambra ceiling14 Alhambra ornamental art work15 view from the Alhambra16 View of Granada17 view of the Albaicin18
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