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Antoni Gaudi, Park GŁell  portico with central terraceThe Park Güell is one of the wonderworks by Antoni Gaudi, where he most perfectly succeeded in adapting architecture to nature and merged both into a harmonious whole.
The 17.18 ha large park was a commissioned work for the industralist Eusebi Güell, who was a lifelong close friend and patron of Gaudi. Inspired by the English Garden city movement, the park was originally plannedA. Gaude Park GŁell - retaining wallas a garden city with approximately 60 villas. Gaudi worked on this project from 1900 to 1914 but, however, could not complete it due to missing funds. Eventually only two villas were built. One of them Gaudi bought in 1906 for his family and his father and inhabited it up to his death.  Today it is home to the Gaudi museum. Since 1923 the park has been in urban possession and freely accessible to the public.
A. Gaudi Park GŁell, colonnade
With this masterpiece Gaudi turned the almost naked sunburned Montana Pelada (bald mountain) into a Garden of Eden with luxuriant vegetation and ingeniously designed architectural elements, which make the hilly Terrain easily accessible, give plentiful shade and afford spectacular views of the city. Colourful mosaics, arcades with diagonal buttresses, nventively shaped retaining walls, viaducts and terraces fit, with their natural forms, organically into the terrain and convey the impression of absolute naturalness. It is a place of peace, harmony and calm. The necessary materials Gaudi found on the site itself, and for the many mosaics he used wastes from nearby ceramic factories.A. Gaudi Park GŁell, central terrace
The heart of the park is the central terrace on top of the hall of the hundred columns (actually only 84), a work of art in itself. It is surrounded by a serpentine shaped bench which is decorated all over with marvellous mosaics. This terrace is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular vantage points of Barcelona and a quite popular place for cultural meetings, musicians and painters.

Since 1984 the Park Güell has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Mosaics A.Gaudi Park GŁell, Logo A. Gaudi Park GŁell, Salamander A. Gaudi Parc GŁell, Mosaik A. Gaudi Park GŁell, Keramik

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