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During our 14 days round trip we experienced the highlights of the old and new China, with its invaluable cultural heritage and gigantic metropolises, as well as some of its most beautiful landscapes. We dipped into the Middle Kingdom and its fascinating culture, which is still today deeply rooted in ancient traditions and religious rites, experienced people in their ordinary lives and enjoyed the good Chinese cooking. The journey was so rich in experiences, information and exotic impressions that the memories of it will probably stay alive all our lives.
  Our tour started at Beijing and led us by bus, train, ship and plane almost 4000 km across the country to Shanghai. We saw the imperial palaces, gardens and temples of Peking; enjoyed, after a somewhat trying ascent, spectacular views from the Great Chinese wall, and visited the famous Terracotta Army at Xi'an. We experienced a Kung Fu performance in the Shaolin monastery, to which also belongs the bizarre appearing Pagoda Forest, and then drove to the Longmen Grottoes (or caves) where there are about 100,000 Buddha images.

An absolute highlight of the journey was a 3 day cruise along the Yangtze river through the picturesque scenery of the famous Three Gorges, with the Three Gorges Dam, and enjoyed fascinating views of the rock formations, which rise sharply to a height of 1000 m. Afterwards, Shanghai welcomed us in splendid nocturnal illumination. The flowering, elegant world metropolis, with its exceptional architecture and its pulsating life, is the epitome of the emerging china.

Spring Festival LionThe enchanting Classical Chinese Gardens were a special treat – a paradise for mind and soul, places full of natural beauty and harmony – reflections of the Chinese philosophy, which considers harmony and balance between all acting forces as source for happiness and success.

Despite the modern age, the Chinese people have well preserved their cultural heritage and cultivated ancient traditions and customs. Special highlights are the colourful festivals, the most meaningful of which is the Spring Festival / Chinese New Year with marvellous processions, where old legends and myths become vivid again..

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