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Capri view of the city Capri viewpointHardly anyone can escape the magic of Capri, the rock island in the Gulf of Naples. When you arrive the Marina Grande, a picturesque water front at the foot of steeply rising rocks from chalk stone welcomes you. A funicular railway takes you to the enchanting heart of the city of Capri on the hill, which is the main town of the island.

Arriving on top, the first sight is a romantic terrace with flower decorated pergolas, which offers grand views of the city and the surrounding scenery. Capri Piazetta - Market Place
The lovely centre of the city and a must see is the Piazetta Umberto, the market place, with the town hall, a free standing bell tower and lots of pavement cafés and restaurants. Right around the corner is the ex-Cathedral of Santo Stefano. From the small market square narrow alleys and streets meander through the city, lined with boutiques, shops and elegant hotels.

Walking southwards you soon arraive the Giardini di AugustoCapri Faraglioni beautiful, terraced botanical gardens, which strech up to the southern steep coast, from where can enjoy grand panoramic views of the Island of Capri, the bay of the Marina Piccola and the famous Faraglioni, coastal rock formations, eroded by waves.

At the gardens also the Via Krupp begins, which winds down to the coast in 8 hairpin bends. The steep footpath is 1,346.60 meters long, three meters wide and overcomes rise of about 100 meters. It was built from 1900 to 1902 on behalf of the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp, who was there at the time. It is now a tourist attraction.

Another beautiful sight is the Arco Naturale on the east coast of the island. The natural limestone arch dates back to the Old Stone Age and is a remain of a former grotto. With a width of12 m at a height of 18 m above ground it forms a natural bridge.

Also the famous Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) is a Must see. The cave in the northwest of Capri is approximately 52 meters long, 30 meters wide and 15 meters deep.
The secret of the incredible luminosity and the blue color of the water is, that there is another opening under the small entrance through which daylight can penetrate into the cave, illuminating the water from below.
As light falls through the water, red reflections are filtered out and only blue light enters the cave. Just put your hand in the water and you will see how it glows strangely.

Capri Sights and Vievs
Capri Hill  Capri viewpoint at sunset  Capri belltower at the piazetta  Capri Cathedral of Santo Stefano  Capri Grand Hotel Quisisana  
View of Capri View Point Market - Belltower Cathedral of Santo Stefano Grand Hotel Quisisana

Capri Giardini Augusto Capri Giardini Augusto Statue Capri Via Krupp Capri Arco Naturale Capri Blue Grotto
Gardens of Augustus / Giardini Augusto Via Krupp Arco Naturale Blue Grotto / Grotta Azzurra

Anacapri Villa San MicheleA gem on the island is the Villa San Michele at Anacapri.
The villa was built by the Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe at the end of the 19th century. It is beautifully designed with open transitions to the gardens, grand outlooks over the sea and adorned with antique collectibles. The enchanting gardens with pergolas and statues, an abundance of subtropical plants and flowers as well as a bird sanctuary are a delight to see. Beyond that, situated at a height of 327 meters above sea level on a ledge, the villa offers panoramic views of the sea and the city of Capri up to the Vesuvius.
From the Marina Grande in Capri a long steep stairway with 500 stone steps leads to Anacapri, known as the Phoenician Steps (La Scala Fenicia). Until only a few years ago it was believed that the steps had been built by the Phoenicians (hence the name). However, a most recent research suggests that the staircase was built by the ancient Greeks in the 7th - 6th century.
Anacapri Villa San Michele Anacapri Villa San Michele, Loggia with Statues Anacapri Villa San Michele Garden Capri Areal View from the Villa San Michele
Villa San Michele, living Villa San Michele, loggia Villa San Michele, pergola Villa San Michele, outlook

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