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Venice was the starting point of our cruise in the Mediterranean on board of the Costa Atlantica. Aside from the exciting sightseeing experience we enjoyed spectacular views of this grandiose city from the uppermost deck of our ship .

The exceptional charm of the city has captivated people from around the world since more tahn 1500 years.
"Founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands, Venice became a major maritime power in the 10th century. The whole city is an extraordinary architectural masterpiece in which even the smallest building contains works by some of the world's greatest artists such as Giorgione, Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese and others." (quotation UNESCO)
View from the ship of the Mark's Square
Venice is one of the most charming cities in Italy. Its numerous islands are connected by more than 400 bridges spanning about 160 canals. Not counting the industrial district of Mestre on the mainland, Venice has approximately 69.000 inhabitants.

St. Mark's Basilica Instead of cars and trams, rowing boats, waterbuses and the romantic gondolas are used for transportation. Approximately 1.5 million visitors yearly sail on the Grand Canal (Canale Grande), the major waterway of Venice with the famous Rialto Bridge and visit St. Mark's Square (Piazza S. Marco) with its countless pigeons. Here, in the very heart of Venice, you'll find the most important and magnificent sights of the city.

Venice Bridge of sigh

Most enchanting however is a ride in a gondola or boat through the labyrinth of the canals. Don't miss this delightful experience. Enjoy the true spirit of this unique city and have it charm you.

Of course the famous Venetian Carnival is omnipresent. Everywhere shops and street vendors offer the mysterious, charming masks in a great variety of colours,
sizes and designs.

City Views
Venice Basilika della Salute
at Canale Grande
Church of Gesuati at Canale Grande
at Mark's Basin
 Basilika  della  Salute,
Canale Grande
Canale Grande
 Church of the 
at Mark's Basin
Canale Grande - Rialto Bridge
Venice gondolier
Venice carnival masks
Venice carnival mask
 Rialto Bridge 
Gondolier Carnival   Mascs

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