Cruise in the Mediterranean Sea
~ On Board of the Costa Atlantica ~

Costa Atlanticadeutsche Version
This cruise was the first one in our lives and in fact a fantastic experience. The gigantic size of the Costa Atlantica as well as the marvellous architectural and artistic design were beyond anything we could imagine until then. With a tonnage of 86.000 t, a length of 958 ft (292 m), a height to keel line of 197 ft (60 m) as well as a width of 105 ft (32 m) and a capacity of 2680 guests the Costa Atlantica is the largest ship, that has ever been built in Europe. On 12 different decks the ship provides everything, which makes the "dolce vita":

Costa Atlantica foyer dolce viata
Costa Atlantica interior deck 9-10-11
Costa Atlantica theatre Caruso
Foyer Dolce Vita
staircase of glass
deck 8-10-11
view to the top 
with lift on the right
theatre Caruso

Costa Atlantica cabin- 1057 comfortable furnished cabins, 684 of them with balcony and 58 suites
- numerous cafés, salons, bars, clubs and restaurants as well as a casino,
- a theatre with an extension over 3 decks for an audience of 1200 people
- a disco with an extension over 2 decks, 
- 2 swimming pools, 3 whirl pools, fitness and beauty centre,
- several places for sporting activities, including tennis,
- 1300 sun beds on several decks, 
- an elegant shopping arcade...

Costa Atlantica pool
Costa Atlantica tennis
Costa Atlantica fitness center
Costa Atlantica water slide
pool on deck 10
tennis deck 10
 fitness center
stern - water slide
This ship is a floating paradise, which, with its glamorous exclusivity, is reminiscent of  Las Vegas and where a crew of 900 people as well as an excellent artistic ensemble do everything, to make your stay an incredibly beautiful and unforgettable experience.

Moreover the upper decks form a height of almost 98 ft (30 m) above sea level offer a fantastic panorama with spectacular views of the scenery and seaports.

Of course the itinerary and excursions connected with it (see map) were the main reason for the choice of this particular cruise, which lead us to focal points of ancient cultures. The cruise started and ended at Venice, which is probably the most charming city of Italy, and lead us via the enchanting south Italian seaport Bari to Katakolon (Greece), including a trip to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic games. Then we set sail for Kusadasy (Turkey),mainly to visit theexcavation site at Ephesus. Next day we docked at Istanbul where we had the whole day to explore this fascinating city and to visit its world famous sights as well as to visit the Great oriental Bazaar. Finally as another highlight we arrived at Piraeus and, adjoining it, Athens, the cradle of western civilization.....
With this cruise dreams came true and a new dimension of travelling opened to us ...

If you plan a Mediterranean cruise, you'll find a great variety of offers and have a difficult time, to make the right choice. However, for best deals one should book as early as possible.


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