~ itinerary of our tour Nov. 2004 ~

Our roundtrip began with a one-week cruise on the Nile from Luxor to Aswan. 
From Aswan we went by bus to the most magnificent Nubian Temple Abu Simbel. 
After that we sailed back to Luxor. In the second part of our trip we went by plane to Cairo and then by bus to Harghada.
shedule for the cruise see below
Egypt itinerary of our tour 2001 Thebes-West:
Temple of Hatshepsut, Tombs in the Valley of the Kings, Memnon Colossi

Temples of Luxor and Karnak

Horus Temple 

Kom Ombo:
Ptolemaic Temple

Philae Temple, dam, Botanic garden, city tour

Abu Simbel: 
Temple complex 

Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza, Step Pyramid at Saqqara, Alabaster Sphinx at Memphis, Alabaster Mosque and Egyptian museum Cairo

relaxation at the Red Sea


shedule for the cruise
Thursday Luxor:
late afternoon: boarding the cruise ship Semiramis II, overnight stay
Friday Luxor:
Thebes West: 
- Temple of Hatshepsut
- Tombs in the Valley of the Kings,  Memnon Colossi
in the afternoon ride to Edfu, passing the sluice of Esna by night
Saturday Edfu: 
- excursion by horse carriage to the Horus Temple, sight-seeing, 
-  ride to Kom Ombo
Kom Ombo:
-  visit of the Ptolemaic Temple of Kom Ombo by night
- ride to Aswan 
Sunday Aswan:
- Philae Temple 
- dam 
- boat ride on the Nile to the Botanic Garden 
- unfinished obelisk
overnights stay
Monday Aswan - Abu Simbel
optional excursions:
- sight-seeing temple komplex (our choise) or
- camel safari or
- visit of a Nubian village
Tuesday on board
ride back to Edfu passing Kom Ombo, sluice of Esna
Wednesday Luxor
- sight-seeing Temple of Karnak
- sight-seeing Temple of Luxor
- sound and light show Karnak (optional)
Thursday checking out, flight to Cairo

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