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Temple of Luxor - papyrus column
papyrus column
Temple of Luxor - Sphinxes avenueThe temple of Luxor was erected in the very heart of the ancient city of Thebes.  It is consecrated to God Amun and connected to the Temple of Kamak by a 1.84 ml (3 km) long processional way, which Amenophis III lined with ram headed Sphinxes, like those still to be seen in Kamak. The human heads are from a later date.
Temple of Luxor Pylon - entranceTemple of Luxor - colossal statues Ramses II at the PylonThe temple of Luxor is much smaller than that of Kamak; however it is also magnificent and of majestic beauty.  As in Kamak, a monumental entrance gate leads into a large courtyard beyond which is a hypostyle hall with gigantic columns, followed by the actual sanctuary, to which only pharaohs and priests were allowed access.  Colossal statues, as well as fascinating reliefs with hieroglyphic inscriptions and graphic representations, tell of the heroic deeds of the Pharaohs and the history of Egypt.  The sight of such gigantic masterly achievements of old Egyptian architecture inspired us again and again with deep respect, admiration and enthusiasm.

Temple of Luxor hypostyle hall with papyrus columnsThe temple building dates back to the XVIII.  Dynasty (1567-1320 BC) or earlier and was continued over centuries.  In the course of the time, it reached a dimension of  almost 284 yd (260 m)!  In the present temple building Amenophis III  (1402-1364 BC) and Ramses II (1279-1213 BC) were essentially involved, but also also Hatshepsut, Tuthmose III and other pharaohs left behind their traces. 

It is an interesting fact that one of the two original obelisks (82 ft (25 m) in front of the Pylon was removed by the French – 1835/36. and reconstructed on the Place de la Concorde in Paris.  In exchange, Egypt received a clock for the Alabaster Mosque in Cairo. 

Temple of Luxor hypostyle hall
Temple of Luxor Ramses with his beloved wife Nefertari
Temple of Luxor colonnade with statues of Ramses
Temple of Luxor statues of Ramses II
Temple of Luxor relief
Hypostyle hall
Ramses - Nefertari
Aminohis III 
Statues Ramses II

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