Algarve - Albufeira

Albufeira allay flowerageAlbufeira is a charming city and a municipality at the southern coast of Portugal in the marvellous region of the Algarve. With about 200 km coastline, known for its stunning beaches, its picturesque limestone caves and grottoes the Algarve is the biggest and most important Portuguese tourist region.
Once a peaceful fishing village, Albufeira today is one of the leading tourist resorts of the region. The name "Albufeira" is of Arabic origin and means "lagoon". In the charming old town with its narrow streets you'll find traditionally decorated houses with colourful ceramic tiles and elaborate lattices from wrought iron at windows and balconies. Often even street signs are made from tiles, the use of which has its origin in the Moorish past of this region.

Located on the cliffs the white city is embedded in lush subtropical vegetation and richly decorated with an abundance of colourful flowers, Albufeira is a lovely place to stay. At the steep coast there are beautiful hotels and romantic restaurants overlooking the sea with its broad, golden beaches. Once the sun sets, the centre of Albufeira comes alive with street markets, shops, bars and restaurants, which offer food for everyone's taste. Local culinary specialities are cataplana (steamed shellfish) and caldeira (fish stew) just as grilled sardines.
In the west of the city there is a marina, where one can book beautiful excursions.
Albufeira - views of the beach and the city

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