Nile Cruise Ship Semiramis II
Egypt - cruise on the Nile
~ Impressions of the countryside ~
November 2004
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Impression of the Nile
view of the NileDer The Nile is the longest river in the world, stretching for 4,187 miles and has been the lifeline for Egypt since ancient times. For this reason all the sights are along the river and that's what cruises makes so popular. The wide river offers a fascinating scenery with varied views - simple villages, settlements and poor housings romantically embedded in the subtropical vegetation with luxuriant palm groves, fertile plantations and lush meadows, modern cities and ancient temples, more southern barren hills and ever again the amazing width of the river... The ride revealed interesting insides in life and culture along the Nile. 
Nile scenery bathing people
Egypt settlement at the Nile
Nile scenery with plantation
bathing people

Edfu ships docking side by sideThe river itself is bustling with life.  Many sailing boats and about 300 ships cruise the Nile.  Often 3 or 4 have to dock side by side at the small quays.  Most of them look nice and have melodious names like “Nile Queen”, “Nile Pearl”, “Royal Rhapsody”. Ships’ horns play cheerful melodies to greet other ships.  It’s a kind of Nile concert.

Nile ships
Nile ship 1
Nile ship 2
Nile ship at Aby Simbel

baking round flat loafThe Egyptian people welcomed us with friendliness everywhere in the country and we were really dismayed and so sorry to see how many people live in poverty, in fact the large part of the population, whereas the country, with tourism, oil and the Suez Canal, has great resources of income.  However, in riding donkeycontrast to India, most of the people have electricity and water in their houses and the children receive an education.The woman to the left gave us from the  round flat loaf, thy were baking - delicious!

In the country and cities, the lovely donkey is a most common domestic animal.  He is used for riding, pulls heavily loaded carts and serves as a pack animal, but also horse carriages are often to be seen – mainly for tourist use.  In Edfu, for example, there were hundreds of them.

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