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1000 Jahre Leipzig

Bavaria /Mittenw.

Just join me on my stroll through the old city and enjoy
Leipzig has a small, very intimate city center with narrow streets and alleys, where many of the sights as well as the most
appealing shopping and dining opportunities are close together. Thus, the best way to explore the Old Town is by foot.
Leipzig Naschmarkt with Old Commercial Exchange
In the rear of the Old Town Hall you'll find the so-called "Naschmarkt", a place with open air restaurant, where you can relax and enjoy the historic charm of the city.

At the end of the place there is the Old Commercial Exchange, one of the oldest baroque buildings of the city (completed in 1687). During the trade fairs mmerchants completed and condignly celebrated their contracts here. Today it is used for concerts and festive occasions.

The Goethe Memorial in front of it commemorates the poet's university days (1765-1768) and his many later visits to this city.

Leipzig Alte Börse / Old Commercial Exchange
Old Commercial  Exchange
Shopping, dining, sightseeing ...
A very interesting and a
ppealing architectural feature are the numerous passages and courtyards in the inner city, where shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants line up. They originated mostly in connection with the construction  of sample fair buldings and palaces in the 19th and 20th centuries. But also in recent times, Leipzig Karstadt fountain the tradition of passage construction has been continued. So shopping is always a very special experience, because closely linked with sightseeing and accompanied by numerous gastronomic temptations. The most remarkable historical passages are undoubtedly the Mädlerpassage, Specks Hof and Barthels Hof, while one of the most attractive modern passages is the Petersbogen, with great cinema, casino shops and restaurants.
The Mädler Passage is one of the best known and oldest in the city. Two sculptures from a scene of Goethes "Faust" invite passers-by to visit Auerbach's Cellar, a historic restaurant, which J. W. Goethe during his studies called his "favorite wine bar"eternized in a scene in "Faust I".

A great attraction also is Karstadt, a modern shopping temple with a large atrium, where on every hour a fountain rises from the basement to water music 30 m in height, up to the 6th floor, making shopping or a coffeebreak at the fountain a real pleasure.

Passages and Shopping Malls
 Leipzig, Maedlerpassage
Leipzig Mädler-Passage with figures of Goethes Faust
Mädler Passage

with restaurant Auerbachs Keller
Leipzig Maedlerpassage
Auerbachs Keller (Cellar)
Leipzig, Barthel's Court Leipzig sample fairpalace Speck's Hof
Barthel's Hof(Court) Sample Fair Palace Speck's Hof Speck's Hof atrium 
Leipzig Höfe am Brühl  Leipzig Höfe am Brühl  Leipzig Petersbogen
Höfe  am    Brühl  Petersbogen

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