Germany - Leipzig 
~ the city by night ~
Leipzig, "little Paris" down-town-1 down-town-2 October Market Peaceful Revolution
1000 Jahre Leipzig

Bavaria /Mittenw.

Leipzig Augustusplatz by night
Leipzig downtown by night

Leipzig aerial night view - opera house and city-Hochhaus
Leipzig by night   - Naschmarkt and old bourse
Look how people enjoy themselves in the warm night at the rear of our old town hall - Leipzig by night! I love it, for it is so typical for our city. People like to sit outside during the warm season right in the small streets of downtown. The old historic buildings have a special radiation and give those places their special charm.

Leipzig by night St. Thomas Church
Church of St. Thomas
Leipzig Gewandhaus
Leipzig Gewandhaus concert hall
Gewandhaus and concert hall
Gewandhaus Orchestra, founded in 1743, is considered one of the finest in the world. With the inauguration of the Gewandhaus in 1981 under Kurt Masur it acquired it's third home. The acoustics and the ceiling fresco of the amphitheatrical designed concert hall are impressive.

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