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outback-sceneryThe Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is located in the southern part of the Northern Territory, 440 km southwest of Alice Springs and covers an area of 132,566  hectares. It contains Australian's most renowned natural features, the Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the rock formations of the Kata Tjuta (also known as "The Olgas"), both magnificent geological structures, which dominate their landscape and are two of the world's greatest natural wonders. The park was inscribed on the World Heritage List  for its outstanding universal  natural and cultural values. The traditional owners of this land are the Anangu Aboriginal people.

There are three major walks within the park, one around the base of Uluru, one into the Valley of Winds at Kata Tjuta and another into the Olga Gorge, but there are also shorter walks at Uluru.Ayers Rock (Uluru)

This area, also known as "Red Centre" or "Outback",  is of exceptional natural beauty and one can hardly imagine this most unusual landscape without having seen it.  As far as the eye can reach you see red sand, fine as on the famous beaches at the Gold Coast. And visible for miles in the endless deserted area the huge red rock, the Uluru, rises majestically and  literally seems to glow in changing colours at sunrise and sunset – a spectacle without comparison and one of the most fascinating experiences ever! 

Contrary to our expectations we didn't experience the intense heat, but mainly a cloudy sky and even rain, which brought welcome relief to the dry landscape and the people, who can only count on an yearly average of just 275 ml! In view of this we were amazed at the range of flora that survives out there in the often harsh lands of the Outback. 

Outback flora
outback flora
outback flora
outback flora
outback flora
outback flora

Ayers Rock Resort
Outback Pioneer ResortWe stayed two nights at the Ayers Rock Resort, which is situated at the Yulara Drive, right in the deserted area within sight of Uluru and Kata Tjuta mountains. It is a wonderful place to get a true feeling for the Outback. This unique oasis provides a variety of accommodation options for every taste, from the luxurious five-star hotel to the authentic Outback Pioneer Hotel and Lodge and the Ayers Rock Campground, with cabins, room and camping facilities. However, the prices are relative high. At the Pioneer Lodge the two of us paid for a budget room with bunk bed, private bathroom and air condition without breakfast 122 € per night, but the stay in this unique place is worth each penny!

The resort includes also a central  visitor and shopping centre with a tourist office, bank and post services, a supermarket, restaurants and souvenir shops. Within the ground of the Pioneer Hotel there are guest kitchen facilities and a large, roofed  barbecue area, where you can get all you need for an authentic Australian  BBQ, grill your meat yourself and enjoy life music. 

Also sightseeing facilities are well organized. Within the area of the resort the ring road provides a free regular shuttle service, and for individual excursions you can order the Uluru Express, which takes you to the places of your choice and arrangements are made, to pick you up again. Of course you can rent a car or make use of the great variety of guides tours as well. 

Poineer Hotel & Lodge
outback pioneer lodge
Outback Pioneer Hotel - BBQ
OutbackPioneer Hotel BBQ

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