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On our long way through the country by plain, train and more than 1000 km by car, we contacted many people and found them very friendly.Most impressing and charming is the colorful traditional clothing of all the women, especially in the country Rajasthan. In the villages the small houses often are made from loam with thatched roofs and small openings for the windows. The equipment is accordingly poor and mainly consists of  a kind of camp beds. Often they have in their housings no water and no electricity. So the woman fetch water from a well and carry it in globular vessels, so-called "matkas", from clay or brass on their heads to their homes. Look at this farm hand below - doesn't she make a charming sight? Get further information...
India - family life in the country
family life
India in the country - loaded camels India - irrigation system - Persian wheel
Persian wheel - irrigation facility
India - villagers farm hand India - villagers

Delhi Varanasi Agra-Fort Taj Mahal in the country Amber-Fort
Jaipur Pushkar Jodpur.Mehr.Fort .Jain-Templ.R. .Udaipur .Ind. Marriage

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