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A traditional Indian wedding is a feast for the eyes. All guests and especially the bride are festive and colourful dressed with clothes from finest silk. The hands and feet of the bride by tradition are decorated with precious stones or elaborate paintings.

The wedding ceremony lasts for about one and half day. It is mainly a religious ceremony performed in the presence of many relatives and friends from both sides. Generally all expenses of wedding are to be borne by the girl's side. The pictures were taken in a so-called wedding hall. We thank our Indian friends and the young couple who let us have them. May God bless them. more about an Indian wedding...

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1Indian wedding - bride and the groom
1aIndian wedding -  festive turban
2Indian wedding - elaborate designs drawn on hands and feet
bride and groom festive turban elaborate designs 
3Indian wedding offering ceremony - sacred fire
4Indian wedding - offering puffed rice
5Indian wedding - putting on the Mangalsutra, a sacred chain
offering ceremony - 
sacred fire
offering puffed rice  putting on the Mangalsutra

Delhi Varanasi Agra-Fort Taj Mahal in the country Amber-Fort
Jaipur Pushkar Jodpur.Mehr.Fort Jain-Templ.R. Udaipur Ind. wedding

Indian wedding - the way, to get married

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