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our journey October 2000

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The pulsating metropolis Delhi is a city of unimaginable contrasts - ancient and the modern times, wealth and bitter poverty are in juxtaposition here. Magnificent historical monuments like the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Tomb of Humayuns, Qutab Minar and the India Gate  bear witness of a great past and a fascinating cultural heritage.
Qutab Minar
Red Fort Delhi
Delhi Red Fort - Gate
Qutab Minar
UNESCO World Heritage
Red Fort, UNESCO World Heritage
Constructed in 1648, residence of the
Mughal emperor until 1857
Red Fort Gate

Tomb of Humayuns - the Taj of Delhi
Tomb of Humayuns - the Taj of Delhi, entrance
Delhi - Jama Masjid, the - largest mosque of India
Jama Masjid, interior
Humayun's Tomb - the "Taj of Delhi",
completed in 1572
UNESCO World Heritage
Jama Masjid, the - largest mosque in India
and one of the largest in the world, built from red sandstone and white marble, inaugurated in 1656

Oriental charm and bitter poverty in the streets of the old town
In the immediate vicinity of the famous mosque Jama Masjid the old town presented itself in an utterly, catastrophic shape, causing a cultural shock: All the houses in a total ruinous state - for European means ready to demolish, the totally crowded streets dirty with lots of trash and sleeping men at the roadside, ragged beggars, often children, everywhere ... utter chaos!
Delhi - old town Delhi - at the Red Fort Delhi - little break at the water barrel
Delhi - old town - 2 Delhi - old town rickshaw Delhi - old town - market

Delhi Varanasi Agra-Fort Taj Mahal in the country Amber-Fort
Jaipur Pushkar Jodpur.Mehr.Fort Jain-Templ.R. Udaipur Ind. Marriage

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