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Travelling through this mysterious country with its magnificent Mogul-  and Maharaja palaces, mosques,  temples and forts you'll feel, nothing will ever surpass the beauty of this amazing cultural heritage but still you'll never forget the moving pictures of bitter poverty of so many people.

Organization of the trip
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forts and palaces
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Indian Wedding
Delhi - Jama Masjid Agra - Taj Mahal Jaipur - Amber Fort

Varanasi - at the banks of the Ganges Delhi - oriental flair in the country

Enjoy the flair of the orient and share the fascinating and diverging impressions we had on our exciting tour of almost 3000 km across this vast country by plane, train, car and elephant :-)...

Delhi   Varanasi Agra-Fort Taj Mahal Amber-Fort Jaipur Pushkar
Jodpur Mehrangarh .Fort Jain-Templ.R. Udaipur Indian Wedding in the country

virtualtour through India (itinerary above)
Reflections on People's Life, Culture, Religion...

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

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