India - Agra, Impressions of the Red Fort
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Beginning with Barbur in 1526 over 300 years Agra was the residence of the most important mogul-dynasty, which ever reigned over India. The emperor Akbar was the greatest of all mogul rulers. Under his reign Agra developed into an important center of  trade and industry, science and culture. 

Agra, Red Fort - view from the emperor's palace
Musamman Burj
Agra, Red Fort - Elephant Gate
Elephant Gate
Agra Red Fort - Audience Hall
Diwan I Am - Hall of Public Audience

The Red Fort was founded by Akbar in 1565 and developed as a stronghold of the Mogul Empire under successive generations. The huge ramparts of 2,5 km enclose the imperial city of the Mogul rulers - the audience hall, royal pavilions, palaces, mosques, charming gardens .... A treasury of architectural masterpieces and craftsmanship - (see the following page)
Agra, Red Fort - view
view of the
Musamman Burj, fortification

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