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Adinatha-Tempel, Jain Temple Ranakpur
Adinatha-Temple, Jain Temple
Jain Symbol
Jain Symbol
Jain Temple Ranakpur - detailRanakpur is located about 56 miles north of Udaipur and in any case a must, if you are in this region.
This Jain Temple was built under the reign of monarch Rana Kumbha in the 15th century. The Jains are among other things known for their asceticism and absolute nonviolence. With a 4,500 square yards basement (approximately 60 x 62 meters) it is the largest Jain temple in India. Entering this marvel of architecture we were overwhelmed by the lavish abundance of marvellous stonemason works on white marble. There are four subsidiary shrines, 24 pillared halls and Jain Temple at Ranakpur - Pillared Hallall in all 1444 marble pillars each from one piece and all richly decorated with most elaborately carved sculptures and filigrees, including the domes. The creativity and beauty of these elaborate works is unimaginable and the variety is such, that no two of the 1444 pillars are alike! A special effect is the amazing play of shadow, light and colours. As the light shifts through the temple over the day the pillar's colours change from white over bluish to gold ...
When the mogul emperor Akbar visited this temple he was full of admiration that he had made an inscription on one of the pillars which says, that no one ever will be allowed to destroy this jewel of architecture.

Jain Temple - sculpture
Jain Temple - capital
Jain Temple - cupola
Jain Temple - play of light and colour
Jain Temple - detail
Jain Temple - detail

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