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UNESCO World Heritage
~ Red Fort / Red Fort - Palace / Taj Mahal ~

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Red Fort - Palace, the Mogul's residence
Agra, Red Fort - Khas Mahal, the exalted place of rest The name Agra has its origin in the former name "Agraban" which comes from Sanscrit and means "paradise". Marvelous treasures of art, architectural masterpieces and charming gardens bear witness of the splendor, riches,  skill and appreciation of art in those days. 

Khas Mahal
The exalted place of rest

view to the Taj Mahal from the palace

on the right: elaborate stone mason-  and inlaid works from white marble and precious stones
Interior of the Musamman Burj
Agra Fort - Musamman Burj, pillar with inlays from precious 						stones Agra Fort - Musamman Burj, interior Agra, Red Fort - our guide
Agra Fort - Musamman Burj, pillar with inlays from semi precious stones
detail of the picture above
Agra Fort - Musamman Burj, elaborate stone mason work
Agra Fort - Musamman Burj, marble lattice

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