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Jagdish Temple Garden of the Maids of Honor 
Udaipur Jagdish temple
Udaipur Jagdish temple - detail
Udaipur Garden of the Maids of Honor - entrance
Udaipur - Garden of the Maids of Honor, Lotus fountain
Udaipur - Garden of the Maids of Honor, fountain
lotus fountain

around Lake Pichola

Udaipur Jag Mandir Udaipur Jag Mandir - elephants Udaipur Jag Mandir - dome
Jag Mandir
Jag Mandir
 Jag Mandir

city palace Udaipur Udaipur hotel lake Pichola hotel lake palace Udaipur
 City Palace at the East shore
 hotel Lake Pichola
 hotel Lake Palace

Delhi Varanasi Agra-Fort Taj Mahal in the country Amber-Fort
Jaipur Pushkar Jodpur.Mehr.Fort Jain-Templ.R. Udaipur Ind. Marriage

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